Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Deciding on style

Today we had a proper look at our research and discussed ideas of style of illustration based on our research ideas. We decided that patterns would be used within most objects in our window displays, but all objects would have white outlines, the white outlines would give it that retro feel, we also decided the patterns would be screen printed as we really wanted to add that textured look to our patterns, as we would firstly be creating them on illustrator which we both felt was a little too clinical. Heres the kind of textured look we wanted to achieve:

We discussed the idea that we would maybe use a border, although we realise we may not be able to create our border in time for the deadline, but the idea works without it, so we will try our best to get as must done as possible, we started looking at borders and decided if we were to create this in time, it would be of shapes relating to our theme.

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