Tuesday, 27 December 2011


On friday we started to gather our inspirations from things we already had that would be useful, and decided over the weekend we would each gather more. Heres some of the thing we collected:

[more to come]

Over the weekend we kept eachother informed by email, blackberry messenger and skype, we shared images and inspirations we found, heres some more:

[more to come]

We also decided we needed to look at what the shop sold and if the kind of toys they well were suitable for the theme we were going to create within their windows. We learnt of the shops layout and worked out that our scene we were planning on creating would spread across the 3 windows. We started to sketch some more ideas, which again, we agreed on straight away. 
Aswell as seeing the shop, we had a look at the toys they sold, and agreed that although it was important there would be places for the toys to be, we didn't want to design our windows around specific toys featured in the shop as what they have their now, they may not have by the time we were going to actually create the window design (if we were to 'win').

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